A warm welcome to you!

With its Open Educational Resources (OER) strategy published in July 2022, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) aims to create a sustainable OER ecosystem of technologies, services and networking opportunities in order to sustainably strengthen and modernise the German education system.

On this website you can gain an insight into the activities of the BMBF: You will find all the information about the measures of the OER strategy. What is the background and history of the OER strategy, how were measures derived from it? And above all: What are the objectives and intentions of the measures?

Take a look around: The BMBF presents its activities in the OER strategy on an ongoing basis and categorises current initiatives and projects in the context of education.

For anyone interested in potential funding, we offer quick access to key information. This includes programme guidelines, deadlines, dates and assistance on the path to funding approval. Unfortunately, a large part of the website is currently only available in German.

The website is divided into five subpages:

  • On the „Background“ subpage, you can find out more about the background, objectives and target groups of the OER strategy and the BMBF’s measures.
  • On the „Funding“ subpage, you will find information on current and future funding activities.
  • On the „Networking“ subpage, you will find cross-references to projects and initiatives that promote the dissemination of OER in the German education landscape, regardless of the funding provided by the BMBF.
  • On the „Further development“ subpage, you can find out more about the activities that ensure that the measures always meet current requirements: Especially, ideas and suggestions are gathered from various perspectives.
  • On the „Conference“ subpage, you will find all the information on the conference series „OER at a Glance: funding – Networking – Developing further“, which presents all activities for the implementation of the OER strategy.